Dear Life


Why is it that you are always trying to teach me the same lessons?  Do you think that I did not get the point the first three times? Or is it that you are a sadistic and vile person who loves to kick the crying puppies? I tend to think that you are the latter. Why else would you keep treating me thus?

Do you purposely try to beat a dead horse? Look, I am not a horse, nor am I dead yet, so please stop!

You’ve given me hope, to only crush it.  You’ve taken the best I’ve had away from me with only the worst remaining. Just when I think things cannot get any worse, thank you Life, you show me how it can.   I’m glad you’re my friend Life, because I know I don’t need enemies now. Why would I? You’re always beating me down to let me know you’re the boss.

Such a bully!

Everything that I’ve ever wanted, or dreamed of, you’ve kept it as that, a dream.  I’ve searched for Happiness and Love everyday, yet you keep them hidden. Is it really to be so? That you cannot let me be?  Why would you do that to me? What have I ever done to you? From the cradle til now, you’ve whipped and flogged me, thrown me down hills and against walls.  Why will you not get it out of your head that I’m not dead, nor a horse!

Curse you and persistence. You’re the thorn in my side and you keep wiggling further and further into my skin. Constantly you feel the need to inflict and torture me, and yet, I keep pushing on, despite you.

Yes, despite you, and your sadism, I keep moving on. I know those dreams, wants, and needs you keep from me will be in my grasp. I shall defeat you Life, you and your evil and vile ways. I know that you’re not a fairy tale, where I’ll live happily ever after, but I also know that you’re not suppose to be the villain.

Why don’t you do me a favor Life.  Get a new hobby and invest in some therapy.  Walk a day in my shoes with me treating you as you see the need to treat me.

Sincerely and Desperately,

Almost Alice.


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