Don’t let the evil infect you!


Remember Violet Beauregarde?  She needed to be “juiced” after chewing the tv dinner gum. Violet turned violet!  Yes, her, remember her? That was me today. Thank goodness for those little pink antihistamine pills. They turn me back.

Here I thought it was going to be a normalish (after all as a CSR and account person, I have never faced normal, I attract them.) day. Boy was I wrong.  There was a training seminar going on today for the other half of the office. They had a huge spread of bagels out in the lobby. I’m walking back from getting some tea, and decide why not? Bad idea, I was punished for my misdeed. I was struck by evil!

What is this evil you asked? Why my good friend, it was my sensitive food allergy towards blueberries. The best part, the bagel I “borrowed” was plain, not touching anything with blueberries.  Curses to me! Somewhere it had touched them for I had a faint taste and within 15 minutes I was in an allergic reaction. I can’t have a normal one, hives, no, not me! I turn flaming red like I have sever sunburn, I feel as if I have a fever (in fact, my skin becomes so hot that I’m sweating), and my throat feels like I’m and awesome fire breathing dragon with a sandpaper throat.

What a way to spend the day. Best part, I didn’t have my pink pills with me (note to self, buy more).  I ran around the office trying to find some, and a poor kind soul was carrying some. My new hero for the day! So I didn’t make it full blown reaction. Instead I walked around being red and breathing fire, but didn’t have the lungs stop working.

I learned my lesson,  I will never allow the evil to infect me again!


6 thoughts on “Don’t let the evil infect you!

    • I knew about the allergy, but didn’t realize how sensitive it is. I know I can have a severe reaction, but didn’t realize same plate was bad 😦 I love blueberries!

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