Ramblings and Mondays

Monday Communications

Monday Communications

Looks like somebody has a case of the Monday’s.

Alas it is Monday. Never a favorite one for me. Ok, who really says that Mondays are their favorite day? It seems that Mondays bring out all of the weird ones. Why can they not wait until later in the week to call, or spread it out over the week? What do they do though? They all call as soon as they can on Mondays. To survive, that is what Mondays are for. I gave myself a high-five for surviving!

What a time of things. I think.

I’ve been having my daily ups and downs, but not as bad. It’s more every few days. Bonus!  I prefer to try and stay more level. Less irrational. Wait, that wouldn’t be me if I was less irrational. I need to stay me. I’m trying to at least. Think sarcastic thoughts! (After all, they are my happy thoughts.)

Sadly from this insanely cold freezing spell we’ve gone through here, I seem to have gotten an upper respiratory infection. I’m hoping that it might not be true though. I’m taking the precautions though. Herbal supplements for colds and flues, as well as some for supporting the upper respiratory system.  No harm no foul. Or as I taught my nephew, no blood no foul. (Ok, that one may not really apply, but I still get giggles over a 3.5 year old running around chanting no blood, no foul.)

So yes, I’m sick. Kind of. But I refuse to admit defeat. I have my narcotic cough medicine (thankfully no upcoming drug tests for a little bit) and my germ defenders! (ok, so that’s just really my sarcastic thoughts, aka, happy thoughts). There are things to make me smile though.

So I told you about how I am trying to get the birds to whistle the Emperors March. They’re not doing it yet, but we’re making progress. Whilst whispering the Emperors March, the one will now jump onto my hand. He is also bobbing his head up and down and starts talking to me. Mwahaha, another one is joining the darkside, and to think, I didn’t have to give out any of my cookies for that one.

Another smile is being brought to my face in the form of therapy! Yes, therapy. It’s more of the counseling kind.  I’ve seen a therapist/counselor on and off at the rape center, but they’re finally going to put me into the therapy treatment for the rape/PTSD.  I will be able to move on and live soon. Maybe even feel like dating again. But let’s hold on that for now. Why? Because I’m focusing on something, on putting the past where it belongs. Hello! Don’t want to be so mixed up I don’t know what to do, the next thing you turn around and find that the person is you. Can’t be having that now can we? One step at a time, after all, step by step, Oh baby, day by day… Wait, now that’s 2 different ones. SIGH.

Time heals everything. Whether it’s taking the time to slowly let my heart and mind heal from the breaking and shattering it went through, or the mending of time to move on, put things into their proper places. Here is a goal. Smile. Try to find something to smile about each and every day. Only once, that’s a goal. Once a day smile. I think I can do that. After all, i have 5 zany knuckleheads running around with either 4 paws or some wings that make me giggle in one way or another.

Time Heals

It Gets Better- FUN



10 thoughts on “Ramblings and Mondays

  1. I’m glad you’re making progress. Baby steps.

    Also, kudos for gaining dark side converts without the use of cookies. The Emperor loves it when his recruiters save cookies.

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