So here it is again.

It really is the little things that make me happy. Yes, I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s true. I love Christmas day because I can watch Ralphie all day long. And while I’m doing that, I can also watch the Indiana Jones Marathon! All of them on all day! Well, there are mixing in another movie in between the end of the 4th and the start of the 1st, but it’s ok, I’ll forgive them, because it is GI JOE, (the real American hero) and so it makes me happy.

Also today I’m going to go to the theater with a few people my age, and a bunch of younger kids. It should be fun. Of course, I wanted to see Monster Inc in 3D, but I was out voted, we’re going to see Skyfall.

On New Years, it gets even better. SPIKE will be doing their usual marathons. 1000 ways to die (stupidity is your own worse enemy I say), and Star Wars. Yes, you know I own all the Star Wars Movies, but something about sitting down for the holiday weekend and watching them all just makes everything better. Now if I could just find Princess Bride, everything would be perfect. I also will do my usual tradition for New Years and head out to bowl for a few hours. I’m absolutely horrible, but I always have fun.

Ok, I’m rabling again. But I shall leave you with one thing that left me giggling and smiling, and of course singing. After all, I so agree with it:


people person

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