Up your’s Mr Murphy!

Curse you Mr. Murphy and Fate! Curse you! I shake my fist in your faces. How dare you treat me this way?

In what way are they treating you? Cursing me more like. I was sick last week to the point of ignoring my computer (GASP! Yes, I was that sick.) and just stayed in my little hole. Now as I’m feeling better, poor me, who is starting a new job tomorrow, nervous as can be, starts to get a sore throat and coughing. Curse you evil forces that are tap dancing upon me as I speak. Don’t you know I want to be a big girl and have a new big girl job and you’re making it harder for me to want to wake up early!

I hate waking up early. I do not sleep well at all. It’s either racing thoughts keeping me up, or nightmares, or sometimes, my body just does not want to sleep. So here I am, not feeling well, have to get up early, and my body says “NO”! Where’s my cough syrup? I’m waiting for this cough syrup to come down, come down.

One more spoon of cough syrup now.

When I get better, you best watch out evil, because the force shall retaliate, and you will not like it. Your force choke is coming!


2 thoughts on “Up your’s Mr Murphy!

  1. Hey have you ever tried to use essential oils as sleeping aide? Lavender is awesome…I slather my chest and neck with it and rub some drops on my pillow. In 5 minutes I’m knocked out already 😀 good luck on your new job!

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