8 are better than 2

I wish I was an octopus. I really do. It’s something that I just decided. In fact it so happened that I was thinking this aloud and announced it to the entire living room, which just happened to be the animals. No humans, but at least someone knows. There is a but in this though, and no, not that thing that connects my torso to my legs, but as in there is an exception, which would be that I want to be a Steampunk Octopus. They’re just sexy and suave in their own fascinating way.

Honestly, I just love steampunk, but the octopus call to me. Add a top hat along with a monocle,  and it gets me all excited. Yes I squeal like a girl. I think they look sexy. Then again, that’s just me.

A benefit of being an octopus? Imagine with the attention span of one like myself trying to accomplish a multitude of tasks at once, and being able to! I might finally accomplish something and not just continually keep jumping from subject to subject, project to project. I could talk to you, as well as sketch, wash the dishes, cook, (though those two usually get done at the same time anyways), brush the dogs, and whatever else my little squirrel attention span mind can come up with.

And don’t give me those looks. You know you’ve wanted to be an animal before too. Admit it! If it’s not a dog or a dinosaur (you know the usual ones), you go the way I do and pick the unique!


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