Another bout of randomness has take over my body, or did it alas not even leave? Could be the case. I’m not quite sure yet, but I shall see, or not. Yes it’s more ramblings, but it’s happening as I think, cannot be helped one iota.

So why do I think it’s still within my body? I was rereading some banter between a friend and myself, and apparently I ended the conversation with “Alas my boredom drove me further towards the other end of insanity. Thus at this time I do bid thee nite til we meet on the morrow.” I kid thee not, tis what I wrote. And despite waking up with a splitting migraine ( still here by the way but oh I’ve found non medicinal healing strength through this lovely thing called alcohol. Thins the blood and takes away pressure. No I’m not sharing with you.) and yet the sarcasm and drama has continued.

I did discover a few words that are now part of my repertoire along with debauchery. Well one phrase and one word, but they both fit with the theme. Ill repute, as in, he’s been living a life of debauchery while whoring it up in the houses of ill repute. That’s a fun word and can be used in conjecture with so many other fun words. The next word is macabre. It’s so fitting with my zombie mood as well. So everything can be ghastly and macabre. When this apocalypse comes, I’ll be ready with my gun and pen. Tis all I need!

Conjuction Junction, what’s your function? Yes, that’s what else I’ve been singing as well. Who didn’t like SchoolHouse Rocks? Now don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Who knows, maybe tomorrow I’ll be a bit more sane and can actually carry on more of a discussion than just ramblings of what is going on and popping into my head. I’m rather BING search again today. Knee High to a grasshopper. That phrase makes me laugh. I just heard it on tv and it made me giggle.


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  1. I’m just a bill. Yeah, I am only a bill and I’m sitting here on Capitol Hill… One day maybe I’ll be a law. Yes I hope and pray that I will, but today I am still just a bill.

    School House Rock also taught me to count by 3s. I used to know the song, but I can’t think of it off the top of my head.

    School House Rock is the chip off the block from your favorite School House, School House Rocks!

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