Can you Handle This?

Well apparently life with me is never quite dull. I might think it is, but my actions to those around me are far from it. I feel rather bored today. Actually more than rather, I am bored, I’m like a corpse, ghastly white, glazed look in my eyes, and twitching (ok, so an almost dead corpse… A ZOMBIE! Now I made myself seem cool.)

Anyways, this boredom leads to rather unusual things. I’ve mentioned that my mind is like the BING Search commercials before right? If I haven’t it is, it gets hooked onto a word or phrase and runs with it. Then I also get a word that becomes stuck into my brain and just has to insert itself into every conversation. Lately it is DEBAUCHERY. Such a fun word to say with a more awesome meaning. Takes me back to the Victorian area. Which leads me to steampunk. Oh steampunk, how I love thee and want to live with thee every day! Anyways, try mixing those two things together. I happened to see an old western show on tv today, The Virginian.  Automatically  I start singing the Davy Crockett song, but he just happened to become king of the wild frontier who lived a life of debauchery boozing and whoring it up. Yes, those are the words I used. I thought it fit, while those in the room just stared at me. I shrugged and continued to kill people in Guild Wars 2.

What else happens when I’m bored? I am always twitching, which I’m pretty sure was mentioned before. My leg is a twitch twitch twitching it up. If I try to stop it, the other one starts. If I stop that, then my toon in game starts randomly running and jumping. Which of course is leading me to make up songs. Somehow that lead me to singing the chorus to Behind These Hazel Eyes. Mainly because I was singing the line “Here I am, once again, torn into pieces.” It went really well with myself jumping off of things and starting to attack other players.

So in the midst of all of this writing, I had to take the dogs out. The neighbor happened to be taking their dog out as well, and says hi to the one but not the other. I said he was racist since he didn’t say hi to the black dog and walked away. Also, as I came in was staring at the birds, and started whistling, and they were paying a lot of attention to it. An idea popped into my head, and a rather good one too. Was surprised I hadn’t thought of it yet. I shall teach them to whistle the Emperors March from Star Wars. So I start whistling it, and low and behold, they’re bobbing their heads to it. Dully noted, will continue to convert them to the dark side in trade for their “crack” of honey feeding sticks of seeds.

Anyways, this is how my mind works even when bored. I’m just all over the board, but I haven’t started into debauchery yet, though it’s coming I’m sure. There are bottles of run and whisky staring at me daring me to have some.  I don’t think you’re ready for this thirst, I don’t think you’re ready for this thirst, I don’t think you’re ready for this thirst quencher, cuz my thirst is so redunk a dunk.


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