Happy Thoughts

So I’ve been on a cleaning binge. Yes, a binge, because I cannot make myself stop. So I’m cleaning and organizing everything right now, which happens to include files on the laptop, desktop, and tablet, and yes, I feel as if I need them all, so back off before I bite you. Bite is worse than my bark I warn you. This cleaning has been brought out by, well I’m not sure, but there have been Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes over the past few days. Yes, changes. As of yesterday morning, I was hired for a full time, big girl job with benefits. A little stress that is removed, but not much yet (yes I can be a pessimist, but when things don’t usually go well for me, I tend to be glass is completely full of AIR! not water.). I’m also trying to chase someone out of my life, OK, OK, not chase, but try and block out this negative person. It’s going to take a lot, but it’s a start. So perhaps, I’m just trying to make my surroundings look like what I want my insides be.

Anyways, back to the cleaning. When I was cleaning up files on my computers,  I found some of my happy thought pictures. I wanted to share them with everyone, if you wanted to look, if not, best stop reading here and go somewhere else.

First up is my favorite random geek attack I saw the other day. It’s from a tattoo parlor near one of my jobs. I was walking past, glanced over, kept walking, then walked backwards and proceeded to drool. How could I not as you will too: SWwINDOWSWwINDOW2

You see, I couldn’t help but have a smile on my face for a while. An entire Star Wars scene set out for me, to make me smile. Of course, I opened the door to the shop, and yelled that they rocked, thanks, and then kept going back to work.

Next were a pair of shoes. Yes another geekgasm was happening with these ones. I absolutely love Harley Quinn, so much that I’ve been making a cosplayHarley of SteamPunk Harley for the next comic con. Anyways, these shoes were on Etsy and I decided I will have to have these.

Who wouldn’t want to have them. Would be great for work too.

The last one is just one that makes me go Aw! It always brings a smile to my face. It’s my two little guys, the dog and the chinchilla. They remind me that it doesn’t matter how different we all are, that we can get along. This is normal for them. They are inseparable from each other. It’s awesome to watch them together. I wish all could be like this, but at least there is hope for our species. friendship


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