I’ve got 99 problems, but being yours is just not one.

I’ve got 99 problems, but being your whipping post (so to speak) is just not one of them.

That’s right, he’s again trying to turn me into his whipping post. I told him I’m done with him. I’m tired of being his friend, and yet if anything goes wrong, I’m the one he attacks. It’s my fault for everything. I have to have this conversation every other week almost. This is just someone that does not listen. How does it not get through his head? I broke up with him because of the way he treated me, and told me that I was asking to be raped, that I had it coming. He felt no sympathy for that at all, in fact, he blamed me for it.

After that, we were being friends (trying to), and if anything went wrong in his life, it became my fault, or it was taken out on me. If I didn’t want to hang out, he would refuse to speak to me for periods of time. Then I would get the guilt trip from him, I don’t care, he doesn’t have many friends in this country, no one understands him, and my favorite that he used the most, I’m not being a good friend. I could only take so much of this anymore, and told him I prefer to not be friends.

Want to know something funny? We also work together. Told you that you would laugh over that one. Go on, get it out. Ok, are you back under control now? I hope so. Thus from us having to work together, we still talk, and for the longest time, he has been friendly, not pulling any of his old stunts at all. Or so I thought. Lately, it has all started again. If I cannot talk to him when he wants to, I get the cold shoulder.  He’s not driving at the moment, so he is constantly asking me for a ride, and if I cannot give him one, I hear how horrible of a friend I am, and then nothing for the longest time.

Today I had visitors and work. He asked me to meet to talk, and I told him I will try, but I cannot promise because I do not know how the day is going to go. When he asked why I didn’t stop by to see him, I told him I didn’t know if I would be able to. So he told me he knew, and then stopped talking, again. I think I will not start talking. I try this how many times though, and he gives me the same lines. Yes, I feel bad, but I need to toughen up. As I said, I have my 99 problems. I don’t want them, but everyone has their own. But I refuse to add him to my problems. I refuse to be his whipping post, the person he takes out all his frustrations and anger out on.

I grace you with my cold shoulder
Whenever I look at you you wish you were dead
I shower you with words made of knives
Whenever I look at you you wish you were dead

Yes yes, I took liberties there. But it fits so much better now.

You hear that? I have 99 problems, but you being a twat ain’t one.


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