So This Is It…

Boys, this is war – what are we waiting for?
Ok so it’s been like that for the past few days. I start to say something which triggers my brain to get on a new track. Racing thoughts. Are they not fun? It’s like those bing commercials, where someone says something, and the person with them goes off on a random list of search terms. That’s what it is like.
Take yesterday for example. I’m standing in line at the store and someone starts to whistle, so I start a random tune. That tune was similar to the Jurassic Park theme. Then I decide it needs lyrics. So I start singing “It’s a dinosaur, it’s a dinosaur. Holy crap it’s a fricking dinosaur!” The next thing I know, I’m singing a new song, “Open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur!” Too bad it wasn’t an awesome story, perfect set up.
Today I was putting on a striped skirt that I have dubbed my pirate skirt. So I was walking around going argh! I was asked why. I said that I was wearing my pirate skirt. Of course this ment I started singing “modern major general” from Pirates of Penzance. This led me to singing Bad Fever by Asteroid Galaxy Tour. The reason? There is a line that says ” I’ve got shivers, you’re my Peter Pan, I’m Tinkerbell going to Neverland.” So this lead to I won’t grow up, then to the Toys’r’Us song then I’m just a kid by Simple Plan.
This is how my mind works. It’s not only that though. My mind constantly has things running and flying through it. At night, I replay every conversation that went on through put the day. I also will have every song and tv show/movie that I saw and heard through the day. Do you know how hard this makes it to accomplish something? Trying to clean and organize is a nightmare, I’m just a kid and life us a nightmare. I start on one thing, and while trying to focus, something else pulls me away, before I know it, I’m reading or taking a walk. Nice. No wonder my room is always half done.


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