One of these things is not like the others

Do you remember that game back from Sesame Street? I do. I loved it. Especially when they used the dogs, but it’s the game, not what was used that I am talking about. (So of course I am now singing and humming Sunny days are keeping the clouds away. I’m on my way to where the …. Ok I think it’s out if my system… Maybe. ) Anywho, there is a point, and it shall appear, just keep your pants on Skippy. The panties don’t need to be bunched up yet, that can happen later.
Remember the game though? You were shown a series of objects, usually 4, and told to pick out which was different from the others. There was a song that was played to, but I’m not recalling it at the moment. But that’s not important right now. Perchance later. So my point with this, is that I feel as if I’m the one that is different. Like my whole existence is to be picked out as different from everyone, whether or not I wanted to be.
Where does this come from? Just my imagination probably but it’s there. A picture I saw today made me think about it. It’s here on the post. Looks just like a picture from one of my ballet classes. Can you guess which one I would be? Bingo was his name-o! That’s right, the one using the barre as monkey bars. Hello? Who wouldn’t? Everything was a jungle gym to me growing up. Still is actually.
As I said, I feel as if my life is just a giant version of that game. Why? I usually stick out, even when I’m trying not to. Ok, I am usually trying not to, but I have quirks. We already know some if what has been going on in my life, this shaping me to who I am, and then there are just the inner workings of my mind and personality. As I said, I was the different child. I was and still am a tomboy, able to keep up with all the boys in the neighborhood. I am a geek, and it showed even as a child. My brother and I would have a blast playing superheroes. I was always marching to my own dub step, before dub stepping was even cool. That’s how unique I was. Part of that was robbed from me, that dirty bastard, I’ve not been as myself, but its getting there. My mind has and always will be different from yours, and that’s the way, uh huh uh huh, I like it. Ok, not always as it leads to being ostracized and the like, but I cannot change who I am. I was born that way baby and I’m here to stay.
Ok I think work is making me goofier than usual so I shall break here and go back to taking food orders.



4 thoughts on “One of these things is not like the others

  1. I support you by agreeing with you—you’re different. We’ll make great pets, we’ll make great pets, we’ll make great pets! Name that song.

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