Isn’t it Funny…


I find life is full of irony. Life is bittersweet. Oh Murphy, how you love me so. I cannot carrying on a relationship, but with you Murphy, oh with you, it’s a whole new world. You have opened my eyes and let me see how irony and you shall rule my life.

Isn’t it ironic that I am a person with social anxiety, and yet I work in jobs require me to interact with the public, serving, customer service, retail, and the like. What makes it even worse, is that since my vacuuming accident that left me with a concussion, things got even more interesting. Before the accident, I could bite my tongue and know when to speak and not speak my mind, since, not at all. You never know what I will say or when I will say it. The doctor said that where I hit my head, is the area that controls your inhibitions. He said it’s like I’m drunk, I do not have complete control over my actions. Of course my response was that I can now drink as much as I want.  Didn’t mean to say it, but I did. I just got an eye roll. I’ve also refused to place a guy’s order because he ordered a lite beer and a salad on a UFC Fight night. Also said he was a few types of names, and yet did he yell? Not at all, he changed his order. Hmm.

I’ve always prided myself on my memory. It’s not eidetic memory, but for what I want it for, it is. Since my vacuuming accident, it’s not as great as it was. It’s now been stolen. The one thing I rely on the most, I cannot find it. I don’t need my sanity, that’s never been there in my eccentric tea party world inside of my rabbit holes. My memory is what gets me through though. Thus, since I rely upon it, Murphy played his devilish hand and took it. That rascal.

Oh Mr. Murphy, that is not the only thing he took from me. I have certain things I do to keep myself calm when my depression explodes into darkness. Art. Yes, art is missing when I’m trying to climb from the darkness. When I look for art to calm me and bring me peace, I see nothing. It’s gone and missing.  I do have a reward out for it, and once I remember what it is I will tell you.

Oh Alanis, you knew what you were talking about. It’s that fly in my wine, rain on my wedding day, and that stupid traffic as I was running late. Life is ironic, and Mr. Murphy, can I unfriend you?


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