Oh My.

So I was gone for the weekend visiting my brother. (Have I mentioned that he is one of my heroes as well? Ok, if I haven’t, he is, and I’ll save a later post to tell you why, but just know he is. We are very close and I can honestly say that him and his wife are probably the people that I am the closest to. ) Ok, anywho, I was visiting my brother for the weekend and it was a laid back, lets relax type of visit. And I can say, it did me good.

Why was it good for me? Because I could forget everything. Forget what has happened, how people treat me, how I am viewed, forget who I am, and think and act for a brief moment of who I want to be. How I want to feel. See a glimpse of what can be.

It wasn’t that I did anything spectacular either. I didn’t go out and become a new person, or be the center of attention (Which btw, I hate! ) but what I did do was just hang out. Friday night when I drove up, my sister in law made some pizza and wings, we had her sister and husband over, and another couple that we’re friends with. Ate, talked, and played with the X-Box Kinect. Which let me tell you, can be hysterical to do and watch. Especially when you’re trying to figure out what you’re doing. Saturday another laid back day. We went to a friend’s field, and a group of us did nothing but shoot at clay pigeons, eat, drink some beer, and sit around a fire. It was very relaxing. Just sitting around a fire when it’s cold, and gaze up at the stars (ok and there were some coyotes in the background you could here, and then the shotgun, and then more coyotes but hey, it’s the country and they’re a nuisance, it happens.). I could not think of anything better to do.

What made it special? I did get to do something I’ve never done. Shoot a gun. And shoot at a moving target to boot. Only missed once the whole time. And then my brother told me he was proud of me. I figured I would get close, but never hit any, (and I think most thought that being the city girl that I am) and I surprised us all and only missed once. (And before you even think of it, I shot at more than one targets, came in second actually in the shooting challenge of teams.)  I guess I should take up a new profession, professional zombie hunting, at least when the zombie apocalypse starts.

Today was just hanging out with the family, again not a big to do for anything. It was the most relaxing time I had. Everytime I visit my brother, I have these feelings. I always wish I could stay with him, but that’s not where I work, or can afford to live being that I am currently searching for a job to replace the part time jobs that are paying next to nothing. I mean though, this is just until I become the professional Zombie Hunter that I am destined to be.

But besides the new profession choice, I found freedom for a short while, 72 hours, but it was freedom. A glimpse of what can be, a glimpse of hope, and for that I can smile today.


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