Will you be lonely this Christmas? Need some Yule Blog?

An idea. Get Active people!

Rule of Stupid

*** Update – the Company for Christmas Blog is now HERE – more info to follow soon ***

Hi folks. I had an idea which I dismissed as stupid, but it won’t go away, so I’m putting it in the blogosphere.

I used to work in supported housing. Often people lived there because their families had come apart, and they were now very much alone.

During Christmas almost everybody, almost every TV program, almost every street poster shows happy families, happy couples or groups in warm cosy settings. For those isolated or separated Christmas can be extremely difficult. These ‘happy tidings’ are painful, yet who wants to be the sad face when everyone else is laughing? This makes it hard to even talk about the loneliness.

The idea I had, which may be silly I don’t know, was to set-up a blog especially for Christmas – The Yule Blog

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