Stormy Seas

That seems to fit me. Stormy seas. But I think that this can describe anyone’s life. No one has that easy going life where everything goes according to plan. No one is perfect, and life is unexpected. We all have ups and downs, where we are tossed around and thrown about. It’s all about how you ride out the storms. At least I think. Can you survive?

To me, I like to think that I’m staying the course in these stormy seas. Who wouldn’t though?   Yes, nothing seems to be going right most of the time for me, but I haven’t given up yet (well in a while, but let’s not talk about that today, I’m trying to stay positive.)  THINK POSITIVE PEOPLE! (or just me).  So let’s start this paragraph a new.

Yes, I feel as if in this Topsy-Turvy, storm laden, watery world that we live in, I’m staying the course. I might get blown of course on and off, but  that will happen. Why you ask? Because storms have powerful winds, strong currents, and sometimes there are clouds covering the sun, stars, and moon, making it harder to navigate your ship. But guess what? You can always right your course, and get back on track to where you are going. You can always trim the sails, or whatever else you do to slow down and speed up, depending on your situation. Sometimes life doesn’t need to move at a fast clip, you need to slow down and make sure that you’re on course and going correctly, otherwise, SOL. Basically.

So for me, I’m Steady As She Goes. I’ll get there, with a few or more bumps and bruises, and hopefully no sunken ships. I might need to make repairs, oh wait! I already am. Pick up some supplies and such upon the way, but I”m planning on keeping steady course, steadfast and unmovable from my course. Giddy Up!


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