Is it normal?

I wanted to post today, but cannot get my mind to function. Why  is this you ask? Oh well, that’s easy. Headache! Not just a headache, but a migraine. Not just a migraine, but a super migraine that came since Sandy waltzed on through. Thank you Sandy. Not only did you destroy lives, homes, and just about anything in her path, but she disturbed the atmospheric pressures and created a super sinus migraine. So much fun!

What happens when I get a headache like this you ask? Well let me share with you. My head is numb, my eyes don’t focus, I feel nauseated, silly jaw feels like it’s detaching, and my ears are slowly pushing themselves to oblivion. Oh and in case you haven’t noticed, my mind goes silly. Ok, sillier than usual. I cannot help it, my mind is not like yours at all. My mind is unique and it exists within it’s own realm. Not my words, it’s my mind’s words.

So I’m going to leave things at that today, and continue my regimen of hot tea, black, mixture of Advil Congestion, and Excedrin Migraine (Yippie! It’s back on the shelves! Hooray!) and making sure I remember to wear my glasses which I have the worse habit of forgetting because I am forgetful.

Ok, anywho, enough of my rambling as this seems to be all I’ve typed today. If you have suggestions on Migraines and how to cure them, I’m more than willing to listen. 8 days is too many. I need relief! Otherwise, you might be stuck with the strangest and beyond unique posts. Ok, a little stranger than usual.


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