All the Best People Are

Yes, as one of my new favorite quotes says, All the best people are. But what are they?  They’re all utterly bonkers. I do like that word, bonkers. It makes everything seem more fun. Why do I say that? Quite simple really. I believe that those that believe they’re “normal” are not. It’s the norm to be different, at least in my mind, well that’s what I keep telling myself. Those that strive to be cookie cutter like, there is something not quite right with them. I really think that. I know I’ve some issues, and they make me different from people. Sometimes in a not good way, but I’m working with them. But here’s the kicker, I’ve never been “normal” and I don’t really mind it. My personality is quite and different, a little off center from yours and that’s what makes me who I am. So I’d rather be reading a book than going partying, or I’d rather play Guild Wars 2 or Star Wars Galaxies EMU than go be with a bunch of people that are trying to be like each other in some meaningless way. Yeah, that’s not really who I am and I prefer it that way.

What makes each person who they are is those differences in each one of us. I prefer to be me, not you or who you think I should be, but me. I’m that girl that can quote the lines of Star Wars and Princess Bride, who will out play you in video games, (OK maybe not Halo, I’m not that into FPS games, I prefer MMO’s.) I’d rather read, or sketch, or create a new jewelry piece, or ask you to talk geek to me. Yes, that’s who I am. Why change it. I have been trying to learn to accept me for who I am. Why don’t you? After all, I’ve gone round the bend and joined the best people ever, those who are completely and utterly bonkers, and it’s rather fun here.

Alice’s Words of Wisdom



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