My Hero (well one of them)


With his “friend” Fred

Everyone has that one person that they know they can rely to be there for them, especially when things are at their worst. It sounds silly to say it, but mine is my dog. I’ve had issues with trust, especially males, and it was made worse so after the incident, so for me to let someone in is a huge step, one that I’m not always willing to let happen. But with animals, it’s natural to let them in for me, they’re always there, and never judging. So yes, Hawk, my Labrador, is always there for me, and knows when I need him.

I work as a server, and so come home late, yet he is always waiting at the door for me. Lately I’ve been having the worst depression feelings, and do not know what to do or how to feel, so I break down crying in the middle of the night, or randomly during the day. What does my dog do? He lays his head on me and leans against me. Never pulls away if I wrap my arms around his neck and cry. He will come from another room to just give support. Maybe he knows I need it, or maybe that’s just his personality, but either way, it’s something that, despite how I feel, makes me feel better. I can rely on him and know he is there for me. He doesn’t judge, doesn’t make fun of, doesn’t talk behind my back, or bring me down, instead, he is there to help pick me up when I need it and no one else is.

I know that there is a person out there that will be there for me as well, but I know I need to work on my trust and opening up to people, but until that happens, the best and most comforting feeling I can get when I’m at my worst, is that 90 pound black dog leaning on me and letting me cry upon his neck.


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