Something I’ve noticed lately. The environment around me greatly effects me.  Who and what can either bring me up or down.  I would rather be brought up, but there is only so much you can do with some of the environments one is given. For instance work.  It is a rather necessary evil one must face, and so you cannot exactly escape it.  It is more of a grin and bear it type of thing. You can change jobs, but I have yet to find that perfect job.  If you have please let me know.

Something I have learned is that you can change whom is around you.  This is something that while it sounds easy, is in fact rather difficult.  Why is it difficult? Because sometimes the people you need to separate yourself from, are those that you have deep feelings for, whether friendship or something more.  Recently I did do this.  An individual I considered one of my closest friends, upon examination, was not.  I was always feeling worthless and belittled around this person, but kept putting up with it as hey were my friend. I didn’t want to believe that it was the truth, but it was.  The more I was around this person, the worse I got with my feelings.  I felt so betrayed.

Sometimes what is the hardest to do, and hurts the most, just might be what is best for us.


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