Little Things

So when I was out today I was sitting in traffic looking at my air freshener. It always brings me a smile. I had picked it because it is a squirrel holding an acorn, and quite often refer to my lack of concentration and attention span to that of a squirrel, but this time, it hit me. It was subconsciously picked for it’s phrase on it. It reads, “It’s the little things.” It really is the little things.  Have you ever thought of that?

It reminds me to look at the little things, and not the big things when it comes to my depression. What type of little things? There was that moment where the dog just walked over, gave you a lick and then laid back down for no reason.  Or that funny picture you just saw on STFD that had you giggling for a moment. Maybe it was the fact that you found one more cookie that you didn’t realize you had. Or my favorite today, discovering a new Black Tea to try to use my new infuser with. (I mean, who wouldn’t be excited to use a Star Wars tea infuser shaped like the Death Star?) After a long day at work, not having anything go right, and it’s 3am when you walk in the door, but there waiting right there is your dog, as happy as can be.

It really is the little things you need to look for in life to ignore the big issues, or at least to make them not look so bad. If you can get that one smile out each day, just one, it makes things just that tiny bit better. It’s learning to cope with what is wrong that makes it right. It’s facing the every day challenges of life, with that elephant on your chest, or monkey on your back, and pushing through with that 30 second smile you got from a joke, or a silly picture, or just getting a hi from that friend you were just thinking of.

Those are my little things that make each day slightly more colorful when each day to me, is rather bleak and blah.

Oh and if you wanted to know, the air freshener, it is from Natural Life.


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