Observe or Participate

Today was a very odd day. I just felt disconnected from myself. It’s a very odd sort of feeling. To know you’re doing something, and going about your day, but to feel as if you are an observer upon yourself, and not the participator. All night at work, it was as if I was watching TV and on it was me.  I got to watch me as I went about working, but had no control over myself. It’s not the first, and I know it will not be the last time that it happens, but why? It’s such a helpless feeling/state to be in. I cannot concentrate or remember anything, and my attention span? Gone! It’s worse than usual. Ok, I will be the first to admit my attention span is like that of an ADHD squirrel inside of a metal confetti factory, but today, it wasn’t there at all. I would go to do one thing, and something would distract me, then something else would distract, then I would forget all about what I was originally doing and never get it done. Sorry on the refills everyone. I wasn’t in control of myself today. You can blame the squirrels. I swear.


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