I’ve noticed something, and while it might not be a big thing, it’s something that matters to me. My art work and my motivation to work on it, diminishes as I’m more depressed. I love art, said since the age of 3 I was going to be an artist. But over the past few years, it is as if  my inspiration and motivation for it has faded away. And it makes me more depressed. Art is a way to express one self. For me, it shows my love for what ever I happen to be working on. Be it a sketch for a tattoo, a portrait, jewelry, a hand bag, or anything that randomly appears in my head. If it’s art, I want to show it.  It’s something that has always brought me joy,  but lately, it’s as if there is a black hole inside of me, and it’s sucking that joy right out, leaving not much of me left. That is not something I want to happen. This must be changed.

I’m wondering if I can try to encourage myself to do something once a week. One piece, big or small. If I was to share that on here, would it be seen? Would it encourage me, or with the lack of feedback discourage me? Would it make a difference at all? I think I just need to forget what others will say. Unless it’s encouragement to continue doing it, then it’s ok. If not, it’s ok, you don’t really exist anyways. Ok then, that’s it. I’ll try to make it a goal to produce one thing each week and share it here. I can do it. I hope.


2 thoughts on “Art

  1. Now following so I can see what you produce each week 😀 Hopefully this is some encouragement! 🙂

    So much beautiful art – in all forms – visual, literature, music etc. – has been produced from depression. Personally, I think it’s the one positive of the illness. You could create something incredible without meaning to, just by expressing your feelings. Although you might not have the same motivation you once had you have this whole new realm of emotion with the opportunity to create art which is much more honest and on a whole new, deeper level. That’s exciting, even though depression is not so fun…But it can be good to embrace it!

    best wishes

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