Because I can

Yes, I know it’s 4 in the morning and I have to be up for work in a few hours, but I just cannot sleep. Why? Because that’s how I am. Sometimes I’m not tired. Like now since I just got home from a 9 hour shift. I know I’ll be dead tomorrow for both jobs but I cannot sleep yet. Does that happen to you? Do you feel as if you’re ready to keep going for hours, yet you know you cannot that you need to crash right now or the world will be rather silly for your next conquest?

What are you like when you do not get enough sleep? The world becomes the silliest, and most impossibly unreal real place that I find. Everything becomes amusing to me. I’m that child that just starts to laugh for no reason, yet I’m not a child. Oh to have those days again. The days of little worries, being able to worry about which video game to play, or do I really have to do my homework instead of getting one more hour outside.  Wait! I do still do that. But it’s more of do I have time to fit some gaming into my day or can I go for a jog this morning, well really afternoon for me. Even naps! Oh how I love to still fit in naps, yet something rather silly called reality and life get in the way and try to reroute me when I set those goals.

I have noticed something though. Sleep sometimes effects my mood. If I don’t get enough or get too much I can become rather more depressed than usual. But also, sometimes when it puts me into a giddy mood everything seems great, but alas that does have a backlash as well. That being that the following day, I’m in a dark spot.

Well with that bombshell, perchance I’ll be able to sleep for a bit, being that in 4 hours I need to be up and getting ready for work.


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